What is Sliktex?

Introducing Sliktex: The future of spandex

Sliktex represents a groundbreaking advancement in the world of stretchy, form-fitting fabrics. Developed through meticulous research and engineering, it stands as the next evolutionary leap in the realm of spandex. Let us guide you through the remarkable qualities of Sliktex and why it is poised to become the fabric of the future.

Extreme glossy shine

For decades we have been treated to all manner of shiny stretchwear. However, Sliktex takes this to the next level. The refined structural density of the fabric construction allows it to radiate a much deeper shine; to glow with an inner intensity that gives a luxurious glossy finish.

Exquisitely soft and smooth

The refined fiber density means that Sliktex feels absolutely sensational on the skin. It is so soft and smooth that you can hardly tell you are wearing spandex. It virtually glides along the body, allowing a completely frictionless and indulgent experience.

Delicately thin

While other more industrial spandex varieties can be quite thick, Sliktex is designed to be as thin as possible. With both sports and fashion in mind, this allows for the feeling of a second-skin, keeping the shape of the body underneath, and granting superb airflow. This also means Sliktex can be used for sexy and intimate garments, giving a tantalizing hint of sheerness.

Incredible stretch

Sliktex offers an exceptional level of stretchiness, surpassing that of traditional spandex. Engineered with an impressive 4-way stretch, it accommodates fluid movement in any direction, ensuring a snug fit that embraces every contour of the body, regardless of shape.

Powerful strength and resilience

With an innovative creation process, our higher fiber count and advanced structural layout makes Sliktex very strong, despite its sleek delicacy. It is more durable than regular spandex and has a longer lifespan.

Optimal airflow and moisture control

Thanks to its wonderfully thin composition, Sliktex offers excellent breathability, allowing superior airflow all around. It also retains the traditional moisture-wicking capability of spandex, making it an ideal choice for various sports and athletic activities, ensuring comfort and performance.

Superb sun and UV protection

With an impressive SPF50+ UV protection, Sliktex guarantees optimal skin safety even in very sunny conditions. Beyond its application in fashion and sports, Sliktex proves to be an excellent choice for beachwear, including swimsuits, rash vests, and summer wetsuits, providing both style and protection for beach enthusiasts.